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Cycling in Derby

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Millennium Milepost Great Northern Greenway This milepost is a Mills type and has a T3/4 disk, it was painted by Pat Wilson The mileages on this milepost are: 1) Derby 4 2) Ashbourne 17, Burton 10

Millennium Milepost Mackworth Park This milepost is a Mills type and has a T2/6 disk The mileages on this milepost are: 1) Burton 11.5 2) Derby 2.25

Millennium Milepost Darley Abbey This milepost is a McColl type and has a T3/5 disk, it was repainted by Pat Wilson in 2018. The mileages on this milepost are: 1) Derby 1, Burton 15 2) Little Eaton 2.5

Millennium Milepost Alveston Park This milepost is a Rowe type and has a T2/1 disk, it is one of the T2 mileposts found on NCN Route 6 between Leicester and Derby. The mileages on this milepost are: 1) Derby 2.25, Little Eaton 5 2 ... [more]

Derby has made the entire city centre a no-pavement-parking zone since 2015. The council believes it to be successful with less pedestrian complaints, and are considering expanding it to other areas of the city.

Elephant footprints on a cycle track contraflow.

Missing sign to turn right

Very narrow path with no width to pass others.

Cycle track blocked, A5111 Harvey Road westbound

Eastbound cycle track at Holbrook Road pinch point

Contraflow cycle lane, London Road

Old style end of bidirectional track on bridge in Derby. Exit ahead a mere 0.7m wide. (Good roadwork layout, btw)

Cycle parking inside Derby station on platform 1b, 25 stands (50 spaces)

Secure cycle parking at Derby station, accessed using key-fobs which are available for a one-off 'nominal' fee HT ... [more]

Comfortably spaced, double cycle parking outside Derby Station, next to bus interchange

A junction with a speed table to reduce traffic speed coming up to the cycle crossing. Makes crossing a lot safer and easier, especially for children frequenting the school on the left.

Two sets of traffic lights to cross one road. In addition, the lights take a long time to change to green, both adding time to cyclists' journeys. Change crossing into a single road crossing, with a short waiting period .

Derby Canal Path, seen here at a 3-way cycle junction.

No separation from the carriageway exists for cyclists here, despite cars having plenty of space (encouraging racing for position up/down the hill). This is dangerous for some potential users of this path, as a collision could easily cause ... [more]

A reasonable shared-use path along pride park (except for its interfaces with roundabouts) provides decent separation and width to allow safe travel on bicycles.

Cyclists have to cross this roundabout amongst cars speeding past at 40 mph. The island is clearly designed with speed in mind - large radii and multiple lanes of traffic help cars, but not bikes.

A nice wide shared-use path running alongside Derby College, providing bicycle access to students and staff.

Two crossings to cross one road, adding unnecessary time to journeys. Also, a "cyclists dismount" to cross a toucan crossing for some reason. Remove the sign and replace with a single crossing.

"Cyclists dismount" sign for this minor-road connection on the Derby cycle network. This sign has no legal standing, literally no-one pays attention to it, it only exists on this side of the road, and actually doing what it says would add s ... [more]

Two traffic lights to cross one road - reduce to one to decrease crossing's effect on cyclists.

A cycle path with no priority over this side road - two of these exist north of pentagon island to access the same non-through road (see map) - why?!

The Great Northern Greenway - a fantastic greenway linking Derby and Breadsall at current, with plans existing to extend it to Ilkeston.

An underpass allowing this cycle path to link up with Derby on the other side of the A61 conveniently. Could improve by linking the other side of the bridge to the cycle network, as it currently just joins onto a road.

A cycle path in Race Course Park, allowing cyclists to cycle through a green space free of cars. The cycle path does not run along the east side of the park, however, and could do to increase access to streets and houses.

Cycle path giving priority to a small minor road. Turn radii is also unsuitable due to cars being able to take the corner at speed. Introduce a prioritized path with smaller turn radii to solve these issues.

Two traffic lights to cross a single road. This adds unnecessary length to cyclists' journey times. Also, a lack of cycle path along the green filled with cars means that cyclists have to travel through 6 sets of toucan crossings anti-clock ... [more]

Two traffic lights to cross a single road. This adds unnecessary length to cyclists' journey times. Replace with a single crossing point to eliminate the situation present here.

Despite having room for 3 lanes of car traffic, room does not exist for an adequate shared-use path. Here, a grass verge 1-2M wide should exist to separate cyclists and auto traffic to eliminate the possibility of a collision on the cycle p ... [more]

A cycle path crosses this roundabout with no priority and huge turn radii enables cars to go through the roundabout at high speed. Dutch roundabouts are currently not legal under DFT regulations, although simple measures such as smaller rad ... [more]

A 1-way road enables the construction of a reasonable off-road cycle path. Ideally, this road would be removed altogether due to Brian Clough Way running parallel to it, and currently the cycle section of this path is quite small.

A (poor quality, yet better-than-nothing) cycle path has been built along the right-hand side of this road, but only half-way, meaning cyclists wanting to go to the pentagon island from here have to take a massive detour around 3 times the ... [more]

Having this path is better than nothing, however its width & separation leave a lot to be desired. The path should be wider to accommodate 2-way cycle traffic, and the noise barrier should be to the left of the cycle path to reduce the deaf ... [more]

A nice bollard to smack into in the middle of the cycle lane. Useless to deter mopeds etc. due to its positioning.

Cycle path parallel yet significantly offset (behind trees / noise barrier) to Brian Clough Way. Connects to houses and schools, allowing access for all.

Cyclists have to cross traffic doing 50 mph. Alternatives, such as an underpass, should be looked at.

The final of 3 entrances to the Raynesway service road in the space of few hundred meters (why?!). Massive turn radii and no priority for cyclists over this minor road. Offset this cycle path, reduce turn radii, and introduce cyclist priori ... [more]

Another Raynesway cyclists dismount sign (see several others!). Turn geometry slightly better than Royces entrance, however priority over this minor road is still required.

Another poorly designed junction with give-way / cyclists dismount on Raynesway. Turn geometry is also a serious concern as cars travelling 50 mph on the carriageway do not have to slow down greatly to enter. Introduce cyclist priority over ... [more]

Cyclists not only have to give way, but also dismount to cross this road and allow people to access the cricket club's car park (the road only exists to this end). Turn geometry is OK (i.e. cars on the 50 mph carriageway are forced to slow ... [more]

Cycle path runs into the carriageway and then vanishes for some reason, with no markings or signage to suggest this is the case. Very odd.

Cyclists have to give way to the minor road twice , despite travelling adjacent parallel to the main road. Huge turn geometry and bushes blocking cyclists' view don't help either. Offset this path further into the minor road and ensure prio ... [more]

A cycle path giving way to a FREIGHT CONTAINER. A farcical situation.

Two sets of traffic lights to cross a road, adding a disruption and length to journeys made by bike / foot. Improvements: Have only a single set of lights to cross this road, possibly reducing the number of lanes as well in order to increas ... [more]

A cycle path through a park forming part of the cycle route from Chellaston to Elvaston, with a play area in the middle.

A huge BMX track in Alvaston park - not infrastructure yet a nice "diversion" perhaps on the daily commute! The cycle path to the right of the picture connects to various locations in Derby.

Excellent in the daytime, however a lack of lighting lets the stretch of cycle path from Penalton Close to Swarkestone lock down at night.

A busy main road connecting Heatherton and Mickleover. Cycle paths connecting the areas would be useful, and footpaths (see in place could potentially cut out main r ... [more]

Great park with access for cycles. If you look at the map, a minor road exists off oaklands avenue near to the bottom-right of this park. This is planned to connect to the park in the near future, allowing cyclists to avoid a tiring climb u ... [more]

Road markings and reduced with encourage cars to slow down at this crossing point, and visibility for those crossing is excellent, allowing them to see and be seen by oncoming traffic from a long distance away. Only gripe is that this is a ... [more]

A cycle route that goes all around and through Heatherton. Generally quite good connecting to residential areas, schools and green spaces with minimum fuss. Could do with more connectivity outside of the village though.

An example of filtered permeability - this, in addition to others in the area, separates streets that would have significant rat-run potential.

A green space with shared-use paths throughout & plenty of direct connections to nearby residential areas. Even a small forest with evidence of some mountain biking taking place can be seen - something for every cyclist!

A bridge that, instead of having 2 lanes of traffic and a miniscule footpath, has traffic-light controlled traffic going either way, and a protected foot / cycle path. Improvements: Area is a little too small for the pedestrian / cycle spli ... [more]

What is the purpose of these 3 bollards?! Part of the Sinfin - Chellaston cycle path.

Lovely cycle route connecting Chellaston and Sinfin. Only downside is a section in the middle that is used very rarely by farm vehicles - it's a poor surface and covered in potholes.

This cycle path does not have priority over junctions, and exposes cyclists to traffic coming from 4 directions (behind on the carriageway turning left, turning from minor road onto carriageway, going across from opposite minor road on the ... [more]

A poorly designed section of cycle path along Raynesway. Here, the speed limit is 50 mph, and cyclists have to cross this junction (which they have no right-of-way over) a mere 1 metre from the carriageway. The path should be further from t ... [more]

This minor road used to be a cycle path running along raynesway, giving priority to traffic travelling at 50 mph, without any separation, exposing cyclists to noise / air pollution, and junction crossing dangers. Now, this has been converte ... [more]

Physically separated 2-way cycle lane connecting to a crossing point, allowing for easy bridge crossing by cyclists.

Example of filtered permeability in Derby, reducing traffic around areas that are close to green spaces & cycle routes.

Scenic, wide, open shared-use path in Darley Playing Fields. Wonderful green space to ride through.

A6 / Duffield Road. Lots of space for cars, and plenty of space available at the sides of the road, yet none for bikes. Thankfully, work has started to improve this path, with a combined £160k of funding from Derby Council & Sustrans!

The cycle path under Raynesway last year - practically a swimming pool!

The covered, two-tier, cycle parking outside Derby station is closer to the entrance than the car parking is.

Royal Derby Hospital Cycle Parking

Cycle Lane on Friargate

Derby College Cycle Parking

Derby Rail Station Cycle Parking

Derby Cycle Lane

Derby River Path

Jitty from Trowells Lane onto Footway of A5111 adj Kingsway Tescos. Width is 1.80m of tarmac, reduced to 0.90m due to hedges.

Restriction at Grangeover way - no cyclists dismount sign from this side (?)

Cycletrack narrows for no reason, obstructive sign (needs removing?)

Improved access along NCR54

K-gate at access to old railway line from Station Road, Mickleover. No trailers or weelchairs then.

Improved access along NCR54

Kissing gate on NCR58 onto Onslow Road. Take alternative route adj Murray Park School

Approximate position of County/City boundary. SK36604 39176

The Paddock Pub access to NCN672 from Mansfield Road, Derby. Pub meals at The Paddock Pub with car parking for patrons. SK36346 38468

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