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Photo listing: cycleways (problem)

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Make it so we don't have to wait ages to cross at this toucan crossing.

Build the cycle/pedestrian path from the Varsity development to the Mackworth Allotments. This will link the cycle paths through Ravensdale Park and Varsity with the NCN route into the city centre, Mackworth, University and Markeaton Park.

Missing cycle link between Springwood Drive and Diamond Drive/Porters Lane. (No cycling permitted through Chaddesden Wood). Alternative cycle route is via Silverburn Dr; OR provide a new cycle link along north side of Chaddesden Wood to … [more]

When the Five Lamps junction at the town end of Duffield Road was being considered there was a proposal (by the Council themselves) to make Duffield Road and Kedleston Road south of Broadway one way with traffic flowing south along Duffield … [more]

Cycle lane on pavement is very uneven and poorly marked. A reserved section of the road would be a better option.

Flood damage to river path (route 6), top surface has been washed away in places. Needs maintenance.

Remove all the on street parking and create a segregated cycle lane along both sides of Kedleston Road.

Two lanes heading into town could be turned into a single lane. This would link into the cycle lane on King St.

Why has cycle lane been removed westbound between Corden Avenue & Chain Lane? Please reinstate.

There are two lanes of traffic at the traffic lights, but these merge into one straight after the lights. This causes a huge buildup of traffic, particularly at rush hour. The left hand lane could be made into a cycle path instead, and this … [more]

This is a busy pedestrian route for local residents, school children, and the elderly/seniors, mobility scooters. The Pavement is only 68cm wide and cars are a always parked on the road side, and when social distancing is required the only … [more]

Very narrow path with no width to pass others.

Literally the worst surface I have ever ridden on. Really needs to be considered for a resurface at the very least. If not a full cycle lane

This track is too narrow for even one bicycle. Hedge needs cutting back and path needs to be wider.

How soon can we expect a link between the new housing estate and Manor Park Way to provide an alternative quiet cycle route to the Kingsway/Uttoxeter New Road? This should be for pedestrians and cycles only to avoid creating a rat run for … [more]

Lots of cyclists on Markeaton lane but feels unsafe to cycle on with many cars and bends in roads. Pavement to narrow and inconsistent to use safely.

Cycle path could be added on grass verges / road to accomodate cyclists and pedestrians

Cars regularly travel on this road at a speed that appears faster than the limit, not only making it hard to cross the road to carry on cycling if you’ve been on the cycle path that runs parallel to the road (up to the point where the speed … [more]

Hazardous roundabout

Trim back bushes etc to create space for families to use bikes to Markeaton Park

A cycle path is needed here. Cars and lorries often park in front of the drop curbs, blocking access, and the area is often littered with broken glass.

Kingsway shopping area needs to be much more accessible for cyclists by providing marked cycle lanes into and around the shopping area and more cycle parking by each and every shop.

Signage and markings for cyclists and pedestrians to pass safely through Darley Abbey Mills

Create a cycleway by widening the path on the north side of Darley Abbey Drive

A safe east west crossing is required from north side of Darley Abbey Drive to Broadway for cyclists going to the primary school and Derby University from the Darley Park Cycleway

Enable cyclists to use the existing drive with markings and signage to limit cycle speed

Finish this section of Derwent Valley cycleway between Darley Abbey and Little Eaton: very easy to implement as paths exist all the way.

Turning right at junction is dangerous. Drivers get irate due to waiting for safe space between speeding traffic on A6 to exit Ford Lane. Cycle path from Ford Lane to Duffield using existing footpath to become shared use space, walkers & … [more]

Cars parked on the left going towards direction of St. Edmund's close. Traffic going well over 30miles an hour & force cyclists & children cycling to school into a dangerous situation . Stop cars parking on Park Lane & introduce speed humps … [more]

Build a mountain bike cross country track in and around the park.

Should be just for cyclists - as the rest of Belper Road - but, as this section is downhill, cyclists could speed up and compromise the safety of pedestrians crossing the street. Considerate cycling would not be a issue!

The underpass beneath the railway on Cut Lane which takles the cycle path from Chester Green Stores Road and onwards into Racecourse Park, is littered and feels unsafe because of poor lighting and overgrown bushes etc. The route needs first … [more]

Many parked cars each side of street make cycling hazardous, also parked cars block mini cycle lanes that try to present restrictions for traffic, seeding is an issue

Widen the existing multi user path which is only apprx 1.5 metre wide and too narrow under normal circumstances with a wide verge each side for much of its length and in poor condition in sections from A5111 to edge of city boundary … [more]

Road narrows and full of pot holes

Need to segregate cyclists and walkers more clearly on the new path

Main access to this part of Allestree in desperate need of cycle way

New shared cycleway and footpath is very welcome however due to the material the “duck board” section becomes extremely slippery when wet or even with the slightest of frost (common down by river side) I myself have fallen twice here! Some … [more]

Ideally need a way up the steps that doesn’t include dismounting, perhaps a decent ramp or diversion around?

Cycle way between A38 roundabout and broadway disappears on the way into town please continue this at least until the Jury’s hotel traffic lights

Cycle path between litchurch and Elton road, large number of Rolls-Royce cyclists use this section with no cycle path

Kedleston road has a very short cycle way near the traffic lights on the city side but this very soon disappears, it also has a fantastic segregated cycle way past markeaton park, the two need joining up!

The cycle/bus lane does not seem to recognise cyclists. Can it be changed so it does?

Although there is a cycle way to Sinfin it is very rough and would benefit from being relaid

Existing cycle lane needs re painting and traffic (no) parking restriction enforced.

Well used route through the estate leading to shops - needs speed reduction at the least to allow travel from the many homes to shops.

Well used route through the estate leading to shops - needs speed reduction at the least to allow travel from the many homes to shops.

Cycle path ends suddenly if travelling North necessitating crossing a busy road to rejoin the carridgeway. Not joined up thinking.

Cycle path ends suddenly if travelling North necessitating crossing a busy road to rejoin the carridgeway. Not joined up thinking.

Cycle path to N and S of this roundabout but no way of getting over this roundabout when it is busy. Kids use this route and people commuting to Derby.

Potholes all down Willowcroft need fixing

Used by school children who would benefit from a safe cycle way to get to school

Busy road with no place for cycling

This is the most perilous stage of my cycle root. You have to position yourself to the right of traffic that has separate traffic lights to branch left down Old Uttoxeter Road. Positioning myself to carry straight on and not be forced left … [more]

Cycle lane due too it a very busy areas with traffic and drivers speeding

Very poor road surface on Jackson Avenue with irregular surface and subsidence. Needs resurfacing.

Cycle path ends mid-pavement, leaving a gap of about 5m to King's Drive. Suggest the path is continued to the edge of King's Drive.

Cycle path ends mid-pavement, leaving a gap of about 5m to King's Drive. Suggest the path is continued to the edge of King's Drive.

Moving from bus lane across the left turning lane to straight on is hazardous. Reduction in speed limit plus warning signs and change in road markings could help.

The most straightforward route for staff cycling between RDH and LRCH is along Osmaston Road rather than London Road. Advantages are that it is a quieter road with less parked cars and a shorter route. Problems are access from the toucan … [more]

Introduce one way system loop around bottom half of uttoxeter new road and great northern road to allow for wider cycle lane up uttoxeter new road, very dangerous for cyclist with numerous junctions

Many big pot holes that need filling in bus/cycle lane heading towards Derby City Centre

Very poor road surface, in need of urgent attention

The road here is three lanes wide with a large central reservation, there is enogh room to put in dedicated onstreet cycle lanes. You could also take out some of the turns into Westfield and make cars turn around at the roundabout making … [more]

The whole of Uttoxeter Road is very very narrow for the amount of traffic that needs to use it. Join this with a horrendous road surface and delivery vans frequently parked over cycle lanes and, even with the majority of drivers being … [more]

Main south direction for cyclists. Needs proper cycle lane

Dual purpose path i.e. walking/cycling from Heatherton to Littleover avoiding pastures hill. Increasing traffic. Path needs widening to accommodate both cyclists and pedestrians

This is a very busy road so either a cycle lane on the road or footpath would be good. This is used by school children as well as people commuting on their bikes

Road surface is very poor on the left hand idea, forcing cyclists to move to the centre of the road

Needs continuation of cycle path. Also cycle path too narrow

Busy road, 40mph limit, impatient drivers and close passing common

Very poor road surface here

40 mph traffic regularly exceeding speed limit and vehicles overtaking cyclists do not leave room making cycling both frightening and dangerous

Cycle path needed on this road, improvements to road surface and reduction to 30mph of the whole road past Hackwood with the new house

Road surface is in poor condition. Not safe to cycle near curbside out of the way of fast moving buses, taxis etc.

There is no cycle path on the road after the bridge up to Tesco in Mickleover. Also, the road has a few pot holes.

Build cycle lanes on major roads around hospital especially high speed roads like Manor road.

This is a narrow fast road, with frequent 'Rat runs', buses, lorries and taxis squeezing past

Whole road is not suitable for cycling with traffic - road needs improvement

Cycle way into Derby. This road is very busy for cyclists

Cycle path or lane for cyclists. The road here is very busy and uneven. A cycleway would make it safer for cyclists

Cycle path extended so it is all the way along Wilmore Road. Could the pavement be widened and designated a cycle path.

An entrance to the new shared cycle / pedestrian path. Cyclists have to stop and lift their bikes up a large kerb at present, so tend to ignore it and continue cycling on the road.

Gaps in speed humps to allow cycles to navigate them comfortably. Existing humps with kerb stones embedded are harsh on a bike.

As dual carriageway reduces to single lane, cyclists at risk from cars cutting in or dangerously overtaking. Physical separation needed from traffic lights (Sinfin Lane) to Village Street junction.

Cyclists turning right from Uttoxeter Rd to Western Rd have to cross a lane of fast moving traffic to get into the right turn lane. Then getting onto the cycle cut-through opposite the pelican crossing is awkward. New physical … [more]

Change footway to cycleway to give access to Morrisons from Little Eaton/Breadsall/top end Chester Green (in theory you'd be expected to ride down the A61!)

Dangerous crossing between two good bits of cycleway. Need to provide a light controlled crossing.

Dangerous crossing between two good bits of cycleway. Need to provide a light controlled crossing.

Add a cycle lane between Harrington Street, Baseball Drive and Colombo Street

Add a contraflow cycle lane to provide a cycle connection between Wilfred Street and Cambridge Street.

Add a cycle lane to provide cycle access to The Arboretum

Extend the on-pavement cycle lane and add a drop curb before the point where the road narrows over the railway bridge, rather than afterwards.

On Burton Road between the traffic lights at Abbey Street and the start of the Bus Lane just after Gerard Street cycle have to cycle in the middle of the road to avoid parked car doors and all the potholes in the centre of the traffic … [more]

All streets bounded within Kedleston Road, Broadway and the A6 should have speed limit reduced to 20 mph.

All the streets bounded within the A6 and the river to have reduced speed limit to 20 mph, compatible with vulnerable road users.

Macklin Street and adjoining streets reduce the speed limit to 20 mph, compatible with cycling.

Green lane and adjoining streets reduce speed limit to 20 mph, compatible with cycling.

Gower Street reduce speed limit to 20 mph, compatible for cycling.

Reduce speed limit on Babbington Lane to 20 mph, compatible for vehicles and cycles.

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